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Huge Cock(y) Announcement!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be a participating author in Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s new Cocky Hero Club World! These will be a series of books written by various authors and each story is inspired by one of the original books in Vi and Penelope’s blockbuster series.

My novel, Sexy Scoundrel, is inspired by the first in the original series, Cocky Bastard. Scroll down to the end of this email to see a tiny tease of what I’m working on, and you’ll get to meet Leonard and a few of the other characters!

Now for the REALLY big news!

As a special gift to my mailing list subscribers, Vi and Penelope are offering a FREE ebook copy of Cocky Bastard!

To claim your copy, all you have to do is join my mailing list before September 10, 2019. You’ll receive a link to claim your free book in your welcome email. When you claim your book, you will automatically be added to The Cocky Hero Club mailing list so you can keep up with all the news and release dates. If you already subscribe to my mailing list, don’t worry! You’ll get an email too.

You can also join my Facebook group, Raisa’s Raunchy Renegades, for more news and a chance to win a paperback of Cocky Bastard, signed by BOTH Vi and Penelope! Squee! I want one, too!

If you want to follow the new world, here are all of the important links!
Mailing list

Sneak peek of Sexy Scoundrel
©Raisa Greywood – all rights reserved

My brother bounced in his seat when Mr. Dennison turned off the two-lane road and onto the gravel drive leading to Carlina’s house. Sparse trees and low desert vegetation decorated the landscape, along with weathered split rail fence. A camel, followed by a young horse, wandered toward the fence, watching my car with interest.

“Are you excited to see Leonard?” Antonio asked, his round face shining with happiness. “I can’t believe I get to visit Leonard the Lion. Do you think he’ll solve a mystery while we’re here?”

Maybe he’d solve the mystery of how one woman who could create such decadent chocolate was so damned stubborn.

Mr. Dennison pulled to a stop in front of a log framed cottage with a sloped tin roof and flower boxes in the windows. It looked like something from a fairy tale.

Carlina stood by a gray flatbed Dodge with a gooseneck trailer behind it. A piece of plywood formed a ramp leading from the passenger side door to the gravel driveway. She chirped softly, clicking her tongue to encourage the mangiest lion I’d ever seen from the cab.

He leaned into her, nearly falling as she helped him down. That was Leonard the Lion?

Antonio was out of the car before I could stop him, moving faster than I thought he could. I raced after him and skidded to a halt when she smiled and held up a dirty hand.

“Hey, you must be Antonio. I’m Carli, and this is Leonard. I need you to be slow and careful, okay? He’s in a new place and he might get scared. Kneel next to me and we’ll pet him together.”

I’m not sure what I expected. Most women took one look at my brother and either ignored him or tried to convince me to have him institutionalized. I was okay with Antonio being ignored.

The women who insinuated anything about putting my brother into a home didn’t get a parting gift. He had Down Syndrome. That didn’t make him less a person, and I wouldn’t tolerate him being treated like a leper.

Carlina Garner treated Antonio better than our mother had. She talked to him and touched him, holding his hand as she helped him pet a lion that probably wouldn’t last another year.

“What’s wrong with him?” Antonio asked, stroking the cat’s ears. “I wanted to see him solve mysteries.”

“Well, I think Leonard needs his zookeeper’s help to do that,” Carlina replied. The lion chuffed at her, rolling to his back as she scratched his chest. “And he’s getting older, so maybe he’d like to relax and take some time off from mysteries.”

“Are you going to give him chocolate cake? Gio brought me your cupcakes last night. I said I’d eat broccoli if you cooked for us.” He looked over her head and grinned, the lion forgotten. “Can I ride your horse?”

“Wow,” she said, shooting me a glare. “Chocolate isn’t good for animals, but I’m glad you liked them. I’m sure Max would be happy to give you a ride, so let’s get Leonard settled in the shade and we’ll do that.”

“Can we have breakfast after that? I’m hungry.”

Carlina rubbed her forehead, then said, “Sure. Breakfast after a ride.”