Wicked Truth


A duke came to visit me a week before my wedding to the village innkeeper, a slovenly man who hits his children. Duke Denforth says he’s the reason my reputation is a shambles and offers to marry me. I accept. Not because I love him; but because I have no choice.

I get more than I bargain for, though. Though the vicar from the church of my childhood would tell that I’m the worst of the libertines and sinners, I’m happy with my three men. Two are my guardians, bound to me to protect me from forces I don’t understand. And the third? He’s the cause of all my troubles, but I forgive him for the wonders he shows me. Magical things that delight and inflame my senses.

Yet there is always a cost for magic. There are those who want more than their due, and I don’t know if my husband is one of them.