Longing and Lust & other short stories


Step into the macabre with this collection of short stories! Join Raisa Greywood as she takes you on a journey into her disturbing, sometimes sexy imagination.

We’ll stop first in Maine for Halloween in The Blood Moon Queen. Candace Howard has a problem, and it knocks at her window every October 31st. The red eyes and claws scrabbling at the glass terrified her as a child, but she’s grown now, and is tired of being afraid. An open window, a vicious nor’easter, and a couple of murders send her on her way to the answers she seeks and drops her in the path of a sexy Archangel.

Our next stop will be New York City for Christmas with A Dolly for Ella. Doll collector Ella Reyes has found the pinnacle of her collection in an antique store in lower Manhattan. But is the deal too good to be true? Ella journeys into the Gothic as she tries to save herself from her Christmas present and learns that some gifts are best left unopened.

Valentine’s Day takes us to the Big Easy with Into the Darkness. An archaeologist from Chicago learns that there are things that go bump in the night down south. They hide in plain sight and they’re best left buried. When they follow our hero back to Chicago, things change in drastic, deadly ways.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with Longing and Lust in Louisiana. Elton Maslow is a bar musician, playing for pennies on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. A chance meeting with a demon changes his life but he resists the monster he’s become. When he meets the daughter of a dishonest preacher he realizes that some things are worth more than a human soul. This story, Longing and Lust in Louisiana, is dedicated posthumously to Ellis Madden of The Sibyls, who left us tragically last December, not long after this story was originally published. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for answering my inane writer’s questions about what WOULD a starving musician do if offered a Faustian bargain.

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