World’s worst blogger

Whew! I’m really horrible at updating my blog. I’ve forgotten TWO freaking new releases – I’ll get to those in a minute.

Most of my interaction with my readers has been on Facebook because of its incredibly prolific reach. Unfortunately, Facebook is becoming much less friendly toward artists, writers, and anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.

Has anyone been wondering why you no longer see posts and feeds from groups, individuals, and pages you follow? That’s because Facebook is muting them unless the owner pays for ads. I don’t mind paying for ads. I’ve done it in the past, though I doubt I will again.

This is on top of their Draconian stance against posting anything that might be construed as sexual in nature. Meaning, there will be no more ads for books with a shirtless man on the cover. The author could still do an ad, but he or she wouldn’t be able to use the cover art.

I don’t like being censored. I don’t like being told what I can and cannot look at or share. I’m a grown-ass woman. Facebook does not get to tell me what is appropriate. I’ll still hang out on Facebook. I’m not leaving any time soon. BUT… I’m going to move most of my book release information, teasers, and buy links to MeWe.

It’s an open environment. I’m not going to be censored or have to worry about posting a picture that their algorithm might deem unsuitable. And quite frankly, I’m kind of done with Facebook’s bullshit. So… I’ve baked some cookies. Come join me on the dark side at

Now, on to the fun stuff! I have TWO more releases this month! Check out my books page for more info. The Tiger King is available for preorder at all your fave locations, AND available now at Changeling Press. You can find the buy links under the books tab on this website.

And coming August 31, is Ladder 54. Maren Smith, Felicity Brandon, Adaline Raine, Isabelle Laase, and I have grouped up to give you FIVE filthy hot firefighter romances in one incredible boxed set. I will update links when they go live.

I think that’s about all I have for now. To my readers and fans, I love you. You make my world go round, dears.

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