Character Interview

To make your Thursday a little brighter, here’s a character interview with Markon, the hero from Jaguar Knight, the final novella in the Shifter’s Mates series coming soon from Changeling Press.

“Welcome, everyone! Today, I have a special treat for my viewers. We’re coming to you live from the battle cruiser commanded by Warlord  Markon, who has graciously agreed to sit down with me and answer a few questions.”

I turn to face the imposing man across from me and watch the monitor as the audience grows exponentially. Everyone is interested in the Commander’s new mate.
“Thank you for joining us today, Commander. To start off, what kind of job do you have? This might help our human viewers understand you better.”
Markon leans back in his chair and smirks around a mouthful of popcorn. He finishes chewing and swallows, then sucks the salt from his fingers before speaking. “A job, you say? Do humans have such things? I suppose they must – and your job is to ask questions of others.”
He takes another few pieces of popcorn, but doesn’t eat them. He doesn’t smile, and his hard blue eyes under elongated eyebrows make me shiver. “Do you enjoy your job, Kate?”
“We’re not talking about me. Our viewers are interested in you.”
He picks up a brown bottle and takes a drink before tilting it in my direction. “Touché. I suppose one might call me a fixer.”
“I don’t understand what that means,” I say. “Can you elaborate?”
The smile falls from his face. “I take care of the messy things and make them neat. You humans have created a great deal of mess, but I must say I enjoy the challenge.”
Okay, then. “Let’s move on to the next question. Describe yourself in three words.”
He laughs and toasts me with his bottle. “Fucking nuts, around the bend, and batshit crazy. I believe those were terms used before humanity’s fall from grace.”
“Is that how you describe yourself, or how others describe you?” I ask.
“Does it matter?”
His expression is haunted, and he touches a finger to the tablet in front of him. I crane my neck to see the image, but he swipes it away before I can.
In a probably misguided hope that he will be more forthcoming, I ask, “Who is your love interest?”
The skin around his eyes crinkles as he smiles. “Soledad Martinez. You might know her better as ‘that fucking pirate’.”
“Tell us about your first kiss with Soledad.”
“Is it not customary to say please? We were taught all sorts of odd human customs, though. Perhaps I’m mistaken.”
“Say ‘please, Commander’ and I might answer your question.”
I cross my legs. Markon makes me feel hunted, and I feel sorry for Soledad. “Please, Commander, tell me about your first kiss with Soledad.”
He grins, though his eyes remain cold. “That sounds so much better, little Kate.” Reaching across the table separating us, he takes my hand and drops a kiss into the center of my palm. “Our first kiss was against the side of my battle cruiser after we’d landed on Ximera.”
Laughing, he drops my hand. “I couldn’t decide whether to kiss her, fuck her, or spank her ass pink for making me chase her across the universe.” He leans back and takes a drink. “I did all three, of course, but that first kiss…”
He breaks off and I shuffle my notes to the next question. He speaks before I can ask it. “She tasted sweet and spicy, and her claws dug into my shoulders as I explored her with my tongue.” His voice softens and he glances down at the tablet. “It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”
Whoa. I shift in my seat, trying to hide my arousal. “List three things about Soledad that turn you on.”
“Soledad is…” He chuckles and looks away. “She’s in a league all her own, but three things, let’s see.” Taking another drink, he says, “She’s so damned beautiful, it hurts to look at her. When she threatened to eat me with hot sauce, it made me as hard as a fucking metal pipe. She’s deadly, mean as a snake, and I’ve never met a more fascinating female.”
I wonder if I should be interviewing Soledad. She sounds very interesting. Instead, I ask, “Do you like using sex toys?”
“Who doesn’t?”
Whuh. I’m speechless for a moment. When I find my words again, I ask, “Whipped cream or Marshmallow?”
“Are they like popcorn?”
“Not really, but they’re sweet.”
“Which one is better to drizzle over Soledad’s pussy?”
I am totally out of my league here. Ximerans are charming to a fault, and I always forget they aren’t human. “I’ll leave that for you to figure out. What’s one thing about Soledad that pisses you off?”
Markon scowls and slams his bottle down on the table. “She runs, and she’s a pain in my ass to catch.” He lifts his head to stare into the camera, letting pointed fangs protrude from beneath his upper lip. “But I will catch you, Soledad. And when I do, I’m going to blister your pretty ass for escaping.”

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